About Soulspire

Soulspire is a multi-cultural health and wellness facility that offers ceremonial workshops, educational seminars, holistic health treatments, internal cleansing services, functional training and sound healing to serve as a foundational platform for addiction recovery, health rejuvenation, lifestyle transformation and overall wellness

Our Mission

The mission of Soulspire is to provide a fun, safe environment for cleansing, detoxification and transformation, while introducing lifestyle alternatives that inspire participants to elevate their creativity, health and overall well-being.


Jesse Jacoby
Program Director, Certified Kambo Practitioner, Personal Trainer & Raw Vegan Chef

Jesse Jacoby is the founder and program director of Soulspire. He is a raw vegan chef, performance coach, international detox specialist, lifestyle design consultant, licensed kambo practitioner, and author of several non-fiction health-related books. These titles include Gaia Speaks, Eating Plant-Based: The New Health Paradigm, The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine, and Society’s Anonymous. Jesse is a loving father who enjoys spending time with his children, adventuring in the redwood forests, running the trails in state parks, researching, writing and creating high frequency meals in the kitchen.


Hannah Harris
Detox Specialist, Certified Kambo Practitioner & Lifestyle Transformation Counselor

Hannah Harris is the co-facilitator for the ceremonial cacao gatherings at Soulspire. She is an international detox specialist, licensed kambo practitioner, and offers her expertise and guidance for helping others successfully overcome eating disorders. Hannah enjoys being in nature, hiking, playing guitar and creating music, crafting delicious vegan desserts, traveling, community service, spending time with family, and being with kids

The Foundations

There are two definitions for inspire. One is to breathe; the other is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something creative. Soulspire, therefore is breathing creativity into our soul. For our soul to thrive within the body where contained, we must be agile and endured, free from impurities, well-nourished, and mentally engaged. We require fuel from optimal nutrition and vibrant foods. The mind must be engaged through art, education, music, connectivity, community integration, research, and challenging encounters.

As we learn to engage our mind and utilize our talents, we attract the people and circumstances we need for strengthening our evolution.

Engage the Mind

As we exercise and move, we expel stagnant energy and stimulate the lymphatic fluid to flow with no blockages. The soul then occupies more space within and is not in combat with surrounding energies.

Exercise the Body

As we ingest high-vibrational foods and abstain from eating those that are health-degrading, our spirit feeds on the biophotons and energies, using them supplemental as needed.

Ingest Vibrant Foods

As we assist the body through detoxification of impurities, we optimize healthy organ functioning, invoke mental clarity, and invigorate our spirit.

Cleanse Internally

Live your Ideal Life

At Soulspire, we offer an eight-step detoxification protocol that will help aid the natural detoxification system in the body and bring balance to your life. When functioning effectively, the healthy human body can prevent sickness and disease to a higher degree than a body which is abused daily with poisons and a sedentary lifestyle. The food and water supply today contain several neurotoxins and other compounds, known as xenobiotics, that act as inhibitors for natural detoxification enzymes. When we ingest these chemicals, such as arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, glyphosate, phthalates, preservatives, sulfates and various trace pharmaceuticals, we block our ability to manufacture CYP450, catalase, and superoxide dismutase enzymes that are needed to metabolize all xenobiotics. By removing impurities, adjusting our dietary patterns, and invoking daily physical activity, we open space for improvements in every aspect of life.