About Soulspire

SoulSpire is an educational course consisting of material that serves as a foundational platform for addiction recovery, health rejuvenation, lifestyle transformation, and overall wellness.

Our Mission

The mission of SoulSpire is to dismantle limiting lifestyle paradigms and construct new, well-organized structures for living that rest on an unbreakable and impenetrable foundation.


Jesse Jacoby
Chief Educator, Personal Trainer, & Raw Vegan Chef

Jesse Jacoby is a co-creator and chief educator at SoulSpire. He is a raw vegan chef, performance coach, lifestyle design consultant, and author of several nonfiction health-related books. These titles include, The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine, Society’s Anonymous, and Eating Plant-Based: The New Health Paradigm. Jesse is a loving father who enjoys spending time in the redwood forests, researching, writing, and creating in the kitchen.


Jahsiah Jacobs
Music Coordinator & Plant Medicine Facilitator

Jahsiah Jacobs is a spoken word poet, activist, yoga teacher, vegan chef, massage therapist, breathwork facilitator, and liver cleansing consultant. His poetry was featured in the book titled, ‘Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times’, and his service and influence continues to expand as his music and message touch people at a deep heart and soul level, providing healing and uplifting. He has unique ability to bridge worlds and bring people together from all walks of life. Jahsiah is honored to co-create with the SoulSpire team.


Joshua Anderson
Life Coach & Co-Creator

Joshua Anderson is a co-creator of SoulSpire. He also works as a life coach, certified raw vegan chef, functional training specialist, and entrepreneur. He helps with program coordination, finance, and the operations at SoulSpire.


Mike Donaldson
Life Coach & Co-Creator

Mike Donaldson is a co-creator at SoulSpire who was born and raised in Northern California. He is a happily married father of four beautiful children. After spending years as a contractor, owning a clothing line and large-scale tire recycling company, investing in real estate, and working in the bio plastics and retail industries, Mike has transitioned to health coaching and relationship counseling. He has studied personal development for the last twenty years and advocates for a health-conscious, plant-based lifestyle.


Alyssa Schafer
Massage Therapist, Vegan Chef, & Energy Healer

Alyssa Schafer blesses up our SoulSpire retreats with her organic vegan food preparation, massage therapy, and energetic healing . Her energy healing and massage provides emotional, etheric, mental, and physical cleansing, clearing, and purification through deep tissue, trigger point therapy, stretching and elongation technique. Her culinary dishes are prepared to restore, revive, and re-calibrate the body, and infuse each and every cell with the highest vibration.


Hannah Harris
Detox Specialist & Lifestyle Transformation Counselor

Hannah Harris is an upcoming graduate of Dr. Robert Morse’s International Detoxification school. She emphasizes detoxification of the physical body, in addition to cleansing mentally and spiritually. Through personal experience, she has found a passion for helping others break free from eating disorders. She is an integral part of the SoulSpire family and helps with juicing, food demos, and detoxification at our retreats.

The Foundations

For our soul to thrive within the body where contained, the body must be well-endured and free from any physical health problems. The body must be fueled with optimal nutrition and vibrant foods. The mind must be engaged through art, education, music, connectivity, multi-cultural adaptation, community integration, research, and challenging encounters.

As we learn to engage our mind and utilize our talents, while acquiring new hobbies and adapting new methods of exuding creativity, we find satiety emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Engage the Mind

As we exercise and move, we expel stagnant energy and stimulate the lymphatic fluid to flow with no blockages. The soul then occupies more space within and is not in combat with surrounding energies.

Exercise the Body

As we ingest high-vibrational foods and abstain from eating those that are health-degrading, our spirit feeds on the biophotons and energies, using them supplemental as needed.

Ingest Vibrant Foods

Live your Ideal Life

SoulSpire provides soulular inspiration for all walks of life. Our task is to uplift people who are not happy, bring good health to those who are experiencing illness, motivate all who are seeking positive change, and bring diversity and rejuvenating energy to anyone who simply wants something new. We are here to help you design a lifestyle that inspires your soul to expand and grow.

By asking one simple question, we can devise the foundation for how you can get SoulSpired. This question is: “What prevents people from living an ideal life”? Some of the most obvious answers are: poor health, poor diet, poor judgment, lack of influence, lack of finances, lack of interest, lack of productivity, and low-level education. Notice all these answers are voids.

To fill voids, people tend to do things that are in disharmony with their intrinsic nature. We help you build a foundation that does not provide space for voids. Our aim is to work as a team to design a life path that blesses you with a beautiful physique, extended longevity, elevated happiness, improved health, and the courage and strength to take control of your life.