Creating The Life We Desire

Creating The Life We Desire

“The thing I remember best about successful people I have met throughout the years is their obvious delight in what they are doing, and this seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they are doing, and they love it in front of others.” – Mr. Fred Rogers

Damian Mander is a former Australian Royal Navy clearance diver, and special operations military sniper. As a professional killer with SEEK & DESTROY tattooed across his chest, he is every bit intimidating. He has completed twelve tours in Iraq and is literally programmed to destroy. He mentions in his TedX speech that he knows exactly how many clicks of elevation are needed to take a headshot on a moving target seven hundred meters away. What is most striking about Damian’s speech is how his compassion and loving nature emerged even after all he had been through. While visiting Africa, he found purpose among chaos when he saw an elephant resting on her side with her face cut off – a vicious act of poaching. With new found compassion in his heart, he pondered whether or not he could be brave enough to give up his career in order to help save the lives of animals. A little time went by and Damian decided to sell his homes and relocate to Africa, where he started the International Anti-Poaching Foundation ( His foundation is dedicated to protecting animals from poachers, while also guarding community assets and reducing habitat destruction. He claims through all of his experiences, he has only performed one act of bravery that defines who he is. This act of bravery was his decision to exchange his life for a new one based on compassion and love. He describes the decision to give up his former life to help animals by saying, “There will never be separation between who I am, and what I do.” He chose to create a life that aligns with his passions.

“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, simply harness your power to your passion.” – Oprah Winfrey

How many of us can honestly claim there is no separation between who we are and what we do? To create supreme lives that fulfill our desires, we must choose a life path congruent with our passions. In Damian’s case, he spent many years searching for his true identity to finally discover his path in an unexpected place. We cannot force ourselves to choose a career path that does not interest us simply so we can please our parents and earn a living. This often paves the road for the feeling of a wasted life, and leads to a dulling of the senses and numbing of emotions. We may not discover our purpose for decades, but if we settle for an unstable foundation to support a less than ideal reality, we will never know true happiness. Sure, working to support ourselves while we are searching for what fits our calling is necessary, however we must be careful not to let this work environment impede on our pursuit for a better existence.

Before Bob Ross started the TV series, The Joy Of Painting, he spent twenty years in the United States Air Force, retiring with the rank of Master Sergeant. While his fans could never imagine him raising his voice, or being anything other than peaceful and serene, he spent years disciplining others before he finally found his true calling. In an interview with Orlando Sentinel, he exclaimed, “I was the guy who forced you to scrub the latrine, the guy who drilled you to make your bed, the guy who screamed at you for being late to work. The job requires you to be a mean, tough person, and I was fed up with it.” He simply knew this was not the life he always wished for, but he did what he could do with what he had. When Ross retired from the Air Force, he vowed never to scream again. Instead, he taught thousands of people how to paint beautiful landscapes. He always insisted, “We do not make mistakes. We have happy accidents.” Although he spent twenty years positioning himself where he wanted to be, Bob was able to construct a life where there was no longer separation between who he was and what he did, all because he fell back on something familiar which he had been passionate about all along.

The tennis legend, Arthur Ashe, once advised his fans, “To be successful one has to start where they are, use what they have, and do what they can.” Now that we know how to construct new patterns, and establish different designs that could improve our current way of living, we can get started on building the perfect life. We are the architects of our desires, passions, and reality.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember the whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.” – Walt Disney

Too many of us become servants to the wage economy. We often settle for jobs we do not like, and after we are locked into car and mortgage payments, find ourselves stuck at these jobs permanently. In many situations, these work environments make less out of us. I have a hard time believing anyone who works in a factory farm slaughtering animals can honestly claim to enjoy their job. They find themselves in this position because they are desperate for money and need to survive. By accepting employment in such conditions, they live in the shadows of their potential. We cannot be enslaved by money. We always have to plot escape routes for when we are unhappy.

What if not one of us was allowed to become someone who we do not want to be? Would this change our perception and have an impact on each decision we make? Maybe if we refuse to permit ourselves to create these undesirable lives we are resenting the thought of waking up to, then we can make more conscious choices that lead us to being our authentic selves. We are affected by each day we let pass us by without being productive. When we do not allow our dreams to manifest into reality, and we do not act on our ideas, we will not feel fulfilled. To nurture an ideal life we must find ways to build on our ideas, practice being productive, write out our goals, exercise, eat healthy, and be aware of where our money is going.

The famous actor, Will Smith, once said in an interview, “I do not want to be an icon, I want to be an idea. I want to represent possibilities. I want to represent magic. There is a redemptive power that making a choice has. Decide what it is going to be, who you are going to be, and how you are going to do it. Simply decide. From that point the Universe is going to get out of your way. It is water. It wants to move and get around stuff. So for me, I want to represent the idea that you really can make what you want. I believe that I can create whatever I desire if I can put my head on it right, study it, and learn the patterns.” Once we decide what we want, our task is to manifest this new life.

To create the life we desire, we need to establish three objectives. First, we must attain mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Second, we maintain a healthy land-base suitable to live and thrive on. Finally, we have to be certain our way of life is not impeding on the happiness, health, and well-being of other people or animals.

Happiness starts from within and only we have the ability to obtain a life we desire for ourselves.  Before we had dreams about what we would be when we grew up, we were innocent children striving to find happiness. All we yearned for was acceptance and love. Over the course of our lifetime, we often shift our requirements for contentment to include luxuries and material items. We begin seeking recognition and pollute our soul with ego. We now long to accumulate wealth and riches. The innocent child we grow up nurturing gets lost in the race to impress others, as we travel as far away from our true identity as we possibly can. This is where we fail. The most successful people recognize their roots, and stay true to who they are. They pay attention to their inner child and never allow him to get lost. They know where they want to go, and have a plan for how they will get there. We often do not succeed because we are blind in our pursuit. We chase fantasies before securing our identity. We need structure. We cannot live as autopilots being sent on missions to accomplish objectives not relevant to our well-being.

To be triumphant in our pursuit to lead fulfilling lives, we start by building a strong foundation with optimal health and true happiness as our most abundant resources. Once this foundation is in place, we unlock limitless potential, and success soon befriends us. To establish this base, we must strengthen our body, mind, and spirit. We begin this process by harvesting the clean internal environment our cells demand for efficient regeneration. This begins with eating healthy and partaking in internal cleansing services such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massages, and oxygen baths. We are required to feed the healthy bacteria in our gut by nourishing ourselves with raw organic fruits and vegetables. We also must be careful not to supplement the harmful pathogens and parasites that thrive on poor food sources such as dairy, eggs, fast foods, gluten grains, GMOs, meat, processed foods, and refined sugars. Ingesting these deleterious foods will nourish harmful bacterial endotoxins that invade our microbiome. This can result in an unstable foundation that is a terrain for disease, and lead to our desirable lives collapsing. We must face our anger, confusion, depression, greed, hatred, ignorance, insecurities, jealousy, lies, and separation issues so we can let them go, make more room for love, and come closer to our truth. We may acquire new hobbies and talents that align with our passions, exercise regularly, expand our intellect, grow organic food, plant our own gardens, practice meditation and yoga, and raise our awareness. Once we are living in alignment with our passions and have achieved health in our body, mind, and spirit, we naturally become more curious about the planet we live on and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Once we secure happiness, we may contribute toward helping our planet become a healthy and happy place. Too often we go after our desires and fail to protect our natural resources. Many people in this world blow up mountaintops, cut down forests, and drill for oil and gas beneath the most beautiful places on Earth. They mine for precious metals, and pollute the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans with fracking chemicals, animal excrement from factory farms, pesticides, and other chemicals. If these people are seeking fame, fortune, or a better life by accomplishing these atrocities, there are more peaceful ways to gain notoriety. Dr. Jane Goodall, the conservationist, environmentalist, and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute (, once said, “We cannot leave people in abject poverty, so we need to raise the standard of living for eighty percent of the world’s people, while bringing it down considerably for the twenty percent who are destroying our natural resources.” What we are witnessing today is a small percentage of the population accruing the majority of the wealth, while their actions destroy the bulk of our resources. Once our planet is no longer habitable for humans or animals to sustain life because of our greed-driven actions, our foundation will crumble. Knowing this, we must be aware of the consequences that come from attaining our desires while turning a blind eye to the environment. Our goals should always be in harmony with nature.

Finally, as we design the layout for the desirable life we are seeking, we need to be certain our attainment of this ideal life will not destroy, or impede on, the happiness and well-being of animals or other humans. Another of Jane Goodall’s virtues is, “We should have respect for animals because it makes better human beings of us all.” In addition to respecting other animals, we have to respect each other, including the lives of indigenous natives. Most of the resources used to manufacture products sold in prosperous nations come with costs attached we are blind to. We do not realize our decision to sell a product containing palm oil is clearing millions of acres of rainforests, driving orangutans, tigers, and other plant and animal species to extinction, and killing indigenous tribes living in those regions. We are ignorant to the fact our decision to eat dairy, eggs, and meat is responsible for eighty percent of all deforestation, as well as the staggering amount of ocean dead zones, water shortages all over the world, as well as pollution of our air, lakes, oceans, rivers, soil, streams, and underground aquifers, in addition to the extinction of animals, human beings, and plant species. Animal agriculture is responsible for over half of all greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming and climate change. In the United State alone, over 260 million acres of forests have been cleared to provide land for raising animals to be processed as food. To successfully build a structure impossible to decimate, we have to keep this in mind. Protecting our land-base and all of Earth’s inhabitants is the only way to insure the strength of our foundation and bring about true happiness. We cannot genuinely find the joy we are seeking if with each meal consumed we are contributing to pain and suffering all over the world. This is why we are encouraged to grow our own food, stop supporting corporations, and transition to plant-based vegan diets.

After we assure our foundation is free from cracks or imperfections that could set us back on our quest, we can actively pursue this new life we previously only dreamt of. We permanently invite happiness into our lives. Now we can embrace the feeling of knowing our decisions are not inflicting pain and suffering on others around the world. Once we conquer this pure energy, we tap into the flow of the Universe. We make bold statements with our actions. We lead by example, showing everyone around us how to live in harmony. We turn each new rising sun into our favorite day.

“”What day is it,’ asked Pooh. ‘Today,’ answered Piglet. ‘My favorite day,’ said Pooh.” – A.A. Milne

Imagine how much happier we would be if we could honestly deem each new day as our favorite. Why is our current situation telling us we cannot? Are we simply choosing not to pursue our passions, and failing to construct a life path that fulfills our fantasies? When we create the life we desire, we generate happiness that never fades. Winnie the Pooh lived in a perfect fairy tale world where he woke up each day to abundance, good friends, and harmony in nature. His lifestyle did not inflict pain or suffering on others. This happiness that engulfed him is what stimulated his response to Piglet. How could today not be his favorite day, when he was equally as happy every other day? What we will notice as we begin to live for ourselves, doing what we truly want, and refusing to allow limitations or restrictions to belittle our ambitions, is we become truly happy individuals. When living this way, each day only gets better.


In his book, Into The Wind, Jake Ducey writes, “Most of us are busy gambling on the most dangerous risk of all—living our whole life not doing what we want on the bet that we can buy the freedom to do it later.” We have to act now if we want to magnetize this life we envision in a perfect world. The environment we live in will never be ideal if we fail to do so.

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are, the people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances that they want and if they cannot find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

If we want to make a difference in our lives today, we must learn to stop pointing fingers and only blame ourselves for the temporary situations we are controlled by. We cannot pass judgment. We should familiarize ourselves with accountability, humility, and humbleness. Opportunities are often hiding in places where we would never think to look. Some of us are simply too comfortable not searching, and only waiting to see what falls into our lap. To live the life we have always imagined, our responsibility is to create the circumstances to make this life feasible.

We are all different, however we share many similarities. One thing we have in common is we are ready to begin living real lives. We no longer want to be controlled by doubt, expectations, fear, insecurities, or misunderstandings. We can leave our negative emotions behind. When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after twenty-seven years, he stated, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I did not leave my bitterness and hatred behind I would still be in prison.” We each want to be in control of our destiny. We want to accomplish our goals. The only thing holding us back is lack of action. We are in the driver’s seat now. If we still choose to drive down roads leading to despair, we can accept the blame for why we are morose.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown

There is no space left in our brains to worry about what happened in the past. We cannot exhaust ourselves wondering about the endpoints, or where our final destination will be. Our objective now that we have found our true purpose is to share our passions with the world and go after what feels good now. We cannot continue living video game versions of life. I know of people who wake up every day to sit in front of a television screen. They throw a processed food item in the microwave, and fill themselves up with a variety of chemicals for their nourishment while they continue to watch their brains warp from a reflection off of the screen. They are engaged in this media device all day and night, and they fail to find their identity in the process. While they waste away, they often wonder why they are sick and depressed. Eating processed foods, playing video games, and watching television are each enemies of our good friend happiness. To manifest our desires, we cannot play video games, we have to turn off our televisions, and we definitely must abstain from eating processed foods. A good first step would be to discard of your microwave, immediately. Although convenient for some, this invention is associated with cancer, and strips your food of vital nutrition and radiant energy. Next, you can get outside in nature, and once you are removed from the superficial, synthetic culture that warps your desires, you will naturally elevate your consciousness. Now you can build your stable foundation and follow this up by mapping out your future and creating your action plan.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We want to make happiness our priority. We are not chasing fame, money, or superficiality; we are seeking freedom from oppression. Once we understand this freedom is already lying dormant within us, we are no longer confined by limitations or restrictions. We can now embrace our passions, and fulfill our purpose in life by doing what we truly enjoy. When we live this way, others notice. When they catch on, an aura of happiness is passed on that impacts everyone in their path. By doing what we love, we infect the world with positivity.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Do not make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things that you love doing, and then do them so well that people cannot take their eyes off of you.” – Maya Angelou

The Law of Jiu-Jitsu states, “The more energy that is directed against us, the more energy is available for us.” You will notice other people are going to question you when you start living as an individual, free from sedation and corporate rule. They may talk about you as if you are the outcast. Soak up all the energy – good or bad. The more they direct energy at you, the more energy you will have to use for building your empire. As Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” When we heal ourselves from depression, and emit happiness everywhere we go, we attract greatness. We can only give our best to others if we are in touch with the best in ourselves.

In his YouTube video, Manifest What You Want Through Habit, the gifted motivational speaker Preston Smiles confronts us with a powerful message. “What are you a slave to?,” he asks, “Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, him, her, your job, politics?” He goes on to explain, “What we need to be aware of is that the very things that imprison us, also point to our freedom. We cannot say that we want these dreams, or these huge things to happen if we are sitting with Snapchat all day. We cannot say we want to take our business to the next level if we are on Facebook six out of twelve hours. This is not how life works. If we want excellence, it must become a habit. All of the true masters knew this. They understood the two-step. They kept doing the same dance over and over again. That is why companies spend so much on advertising, to instill the value of their products in your mind. We have to advertise for ourselves, have our own slogan, and wake up every day pumped and ready to go. If you want to take your life to the next level, you have to have your thoughts match up with your actions. You have to have all of those things aligned, and you do that by understanding what you are enslaved to.” Many of us are enslaved to expectations, lousy jobs, mainstream media, money, mortgage payments, social media devices, televisions, unhealthy food, and video games. Once we acknowledge this, we can use what is enslaving us to set us free by letting go of all these attachments. After freeing ourselves from this oppression, we can begin our journeys into the unknown.

The motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, assures his fans, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Now that we understand what has been holding us back and have taken the time to nourish ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we can construct the foundation we need to support us as we build the life we desire. We decide how we want to manifest this life. As long as we begin the journey, we will find our way to happiness, health, and success.

I am excited to see your potential bloom from the happiness that has blossomed in your life. You are responsible for how you will improve yourself, and your perspective of everyone around you, and you choose which role you will play in healing society. I am grateful that you decided to take this journey with me. I wish you the best always, and I am sending many positive thoughts your way. Please join me in making the world a better place.

            “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. Once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love