What Is Soulspire?

What Is Soulspire?

SoulSpire is an educational course consisting of material that serves as a foundational platform for addiction recovery, health rejuvenation, lifestyle transformation, and overall wellness.

We offer lectures, seminars, and workshops for corporations, health and wellness centers, government organizations, professionals, and students teaching the principles of lifestyle design.

SoulSpire also provides a discreet, private detox facility in the beautiful coastal town of Gualala, California for high profile individuals and small groups. These three, seven, ten, and fourteen day cleansing retreats combine internal cleansing with mindful eating, personal development courses, and personal training in a natural environment surrounded by redwoods and biodiversity.

SoulSpire coaches teach clients how to make their own meals, and eat a well-balanced, organic plant-based diet that is free of all animal products, gluten and soy.

With a primary focus on microbiome rebalancing, each client will undergo various internal cleansing modalities, including: colenzing, crystal mat therapy, foot detox baths, hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, and steam sauna treatments.

Personal development courses instruct clients through a variety of self-help lessons which are composed of: breaking bad habits, forming new lifestyle patterns, goal setting, manifestation collage design, vocabulary building, instrument lessons, foreign language lessons, and several other ways for improving health and wellness.

SoulSpire coaches use functional fitness training to teach clients how to activate and strengthen their core and train human movements common to everyday life for preventing injury and functioning more efficiently.